Southwest Athletics (“SWA”) strives to offer the best Baseball and Softball experience for our players. We do so in offering an ability based program where we select kids in the divisions in where they will thrive the most and reach their potential. The most important reason we create divisions is to give every player the best chance to have a safe and enjoyable playing experience.

T-Ball Division – Our T-Ball Division is designed to introduce players to the game and how to work together as a team. These games are usually played on Field 6, which is our smallest field. Players have the opportunity to hit off of the Tee or have the Coach pitch to them from a short distance. The goal in this division is to get players familiar with baseball concepts in a relaxed and fun way. Winning is positively the least important item. Positive re-enforcement is the key objective at this level. Managers and coaches from both teams are required to work together during games, with the goal of providing the best possible learning environment. This division is normally for players 4-6 years of age.

Single A – Our Single A Division is a machine pitch division. This machine is a spring loaded device that gives the batter a “real life simulation” of a pitcher throwing. This is an instructional division and score is NOT kept at this level. Batters in this division work on their timing on their swings. Fielders are taught where to make plays on the field. Baserunners are taught when to advance. This division is normally for players ages 5 to 7.

Double A – Our AA Division is a modified kid pitch/Coach Pitch. The focus here is introducing live pitching from a kid. Kids pitch till the batter hits the ball, strikes out or reaches 4 balls. There are no “walks” in this division. If a 4 ball count is reached, the coach will come to the mound and throw 3 pitches. Batters learn the strike zone. Runners learn how to steal a base. Pitching technique is developed in this age group. This is the first division where scores are kept and wins and losses are recorded.

Triple A – Our AAA Division is the first division that lets the kids do all the pitching. Coaches are not on the field to help tell the fielders what to do. Players are taught a more advanced understanding of fielding concepts and are taught how to work their teammates on the field. Batters progress with a better understanding of the strike zone. Baserunners are allowed to steal second and third base. This division is usually for 8 to 10 year olds and the most advanced 7 year olds.

Majors 65 – M65 is a Division which supports more advanced play. Advanced 9 and 10 year olds play in this division as well as 11 and 12 year olds with less experience. Bases are placed at 65 feet (as opposed to 60 feet in the lower divisions). Baserunners are allowed to lead off bases and can steal any base. Pitchers are taught how to throw from the stretch position. Batters are challenged with more consistent pitching.

Majors 70 Division – Our M70 Division is the most advanced and competitive division on the small field. Bases are set at 70 feet away and the pitchers mound is moved back to 50 feet. These changes give players an easier adjustment from the small field to the big field. These changes also make for a more competitive game with almost all the same rules as Major League Baseball. This division is reserved for our most advanced 11 and 12 year olds.